Car Accidents: Common Types Of Accidents In Melbourne

Until the day when cars can truly drive themselves safely, we’ll have to contend with car accidents while on the road here in Melbourne and throughout Florida. However, not all accidents are the same in terms of severity and complication. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of car accidents so that you know what to expect in the aftermath if it happens to you.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

Although less common than some other accident types, this is still an important category to consider. While it is possible that falling debris from another vehicle could have caused the crash, single-vehicle accidents are typically the result of driver error. For example, a driver could have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they took a turn too fast. This could cause them to spin out and crash into a tree along the side of the road. Similarly, they could have been checking their phone. In doing so, pulling their eyes away from the road and leading them to sideswipe a fence or other structure.

In this type of accident, your insurance policy should come into play to fix any damage your vehicle caused to any structures at the site of the accident. However, unless you have collision or comprehensive coverage, you’ll likely end up having to cover the costs of fixing your own vehicle yourself.

Accidents Involving Other Cars

In many cases, automotive accidents involve two vehicles. Within this category, there are several sub-types of accidents:

  • Fender benders – These are among the most common accidents that occur on the roads these days. Usually, the rear driver is unable to stop in time before striking the vehicle in front of them. These accidents can range widely in severity. As you might expect, the higher the speed at the time of the collision, the more severe the accident.
  • Side-impact – In this style of accident, one vehicle hits another from the side. You’ll typically see this type of accident in intersections where traffic in multiple directions crosses. If a driver runs a red light, they can put themselves right into cross-traffic, either hitting another vehicle or getting hit from the side themselves.
  • Head-on – Although less common than accidents in other categories, head-on collisions are often among the most severe. When two vehicles hit each other head-on, their combined speeds contribute to the overall force of the accident. If both drivers were driving at 35 miles per hour at the time of the crash, the impact would be the equivalent of crashing straight into a wall at 70 miles per hour.
  • Rollover – Modern vehicles are much better at preventing rollovers, but it is still possible for a vehicle to flip in a severe accident. Rollover accidents tend to be at the more severe end of the scale. The flipping motion of the vehicle can be just as hard on passengers as the collision itself.

In accidents involving multiple vehicles, the insurance companies of both drivers will have to work together to assign fault in the accident. This will determine whose policy will ultimately have to cover the costs of any medical expenses and vehicle damage.

Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Accidents with semi trucks and other commercial vehicles fall under their own category, as the structure of ownership and responsibility can vary. Some trucking companies own all of the trucks in their fleet and take responsibility for their maintenance. In other companies, the drivers own the trucks and merely provide their services to the trucking companies. This can make things complicated in terms of insurance. For example, if improper maintenance of the truck led to the accident, the driver may not necessarily be responsible. In these cases, you’ll definitely want to have a personal injury attorney advocating on your behalf. Having an attorney will ensure you receive any compensation you deserve for your injuries sustained in the accident.

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