Recovering From Sexual Assault Trauma

Sexual assault is something that we all hope we never have to go through. Unfortunately, these horrible acts occur far more often than they ever should in our society. If you have been the victim of sexual assault, let us first express our condolences that this happened to you. In the aftermath, it is perfectly understandable if you are feeling a plethora of emotions or even if it seems as though you feel nothing at all. Everyone reacts to trauma differently. It is important to give yourself the care you need to recover from your horrific experience. These strategies can help you begin to get back on track.

Take as Much Time as You Need for recovery

There is no set amount of time that it takes to recover from sexual assault. Every victim needs to do what is best for them. You may find you are beginning to feel like yourself again after a short while, or, you could still be feeling the effects months or even years later. The important thing is to not give yourself a hard time about it. You’ve been through a horrible trauma and you need to give yourself ample time to process your emotions.

Talk to Someone You Trust After a Sexual Assault

Talking through your pain can often be helpful. An outside perspective can also be beneficial, as it may help you reframe your thinking. Look for a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist who is specially trained in working with sexual assault victims. They’ll have the tools and expertise to give you personalized help.

Practice Self-Care

After a trauma like sexual assault, some victims report feeling as though their body no longer belongs to them, which can be understandably disconcerting. To get back in touch with yourself, engage in self-care activities. Eating well and getting some exercise can be beneficial as well. Even if you don’t feel up to it, after a few minutes, you may find you have more energy than you realize and will want to keep going.

Take Breaks as Needed

As you recover from sexual assault, you are bound to have some days that are better than others. If you feel the need, take time off work, cancel social engagements, or ask your loved ones to help out with your kids or pets, for example. It’s okay if you aren’t feeling very energetic, so take all the time you need to rest and recover. Don’t worry if you were feeling better for a while and then have a slump. Recovery isn’t always a straightforward path, so it’s important to do what you need to do in the moment.

Rely on Your Loved Ones

In your time of need, don’t be shy about asking your loved ones for help. Even if you don’t feel comfortable asking, your friends and family members may offer to help, and you should accept their offers. Even if it is simply picking up your mail or bringing you a meal from your favorite restaurant, these small gestures can go a long way towards helping you feel loved and supported, which is incredibly important after trauma.

Get Compensated for Your Suffering After A Sexual Assault

In sexual assault cases, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in addition to pursuing criminal charges against the perpetrator. If your case is successful, you may be able to receive financial compensation for the pain and anguish you have gone through. While no amount of money can erase what happened to you, a financial cushion can make your life a bit less stressful, making it easier to take the time off you need to care for yourself.

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