Famous people from Melbourne, FL


Famous people from Melbourne FL

The tech city of Melbourne, located on the Eastern Seaboard, is one of the most popular residential locales in Central Florida, thanks to its homey neighborhoods, laidback feel and beautiful tree-lined streets. Since its inception, the city has been home to people from all walks of life and continues to attract hundreds of new residents every year from around the world. Below is a list of some of the most famous people from Melbourne, FL. Some residents and former residents of this beautiful community:

Marcus Maye

Maye is an American NFL player who is currently signed to the New York Jets where he plays as a free safety. Maye was born and raised in Melbourne where he attended Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. He was one of the most influential college football players during his time at the University of Florida and was part of USA Today’s All-American team.

Bruce Douglas Bochy

Bochy is a retired professional baseball player and one of the most accomplished managers in the history of baseball. Born in France, Bochy moved around quite a lot as a child but his family ultimately settled in Melbourne. He graduated from Melbourne High School and was immediately drafted by the Chicago White Sox but turned down the contract offer in favor of joining college. He played with several professional teams after college including the Houston Astros and New York Mets. Although he was an outstanding player during his time, most of his success came during his 13-year coaching career with the San Francisco Giants, leading them to three World Series championship victories.

C. J. Hobgood

Hobgood is a Melbourne born professional surfer who is popularly known for winning WSL’s World Championship in 2000 and the US Open of Surfing championship in 2007. Apart from surfing, Hobgood is also a renowned actor and tennis player.

Darrell Clayton Hammond

Hammond is another native of Melbourne who has made a name for himself on the world stage through acting, stand-up comedy and impressionism. He was prominently featured on NBC’s Saturday Night Live show between 1995 and 2009. He attended Melbourne High School where he played baseball alongside the legendary Douglas Bochy.

Vicky Hurst

As one of the youngest and most talented female golfers of the century, Hurst has become a hero of sorts in her hometown of Melbourne. Originally from Maryland, Hurst went pro in 2008 at the age of 17 while still in high school. She registered five wins in the Futures Tour during her debut year, earning a record $93,107. She is currently on the LPGA Tour.

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